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Consensual Divorce In The Absence Of A Spouse

Consensual Divorce 26/08/2022

You are wondering whether when both people agree to divorce but the husband or wife cannot be present for the Court to resolve the divorce case, the Court accepts it? The answer is yes. Please contact Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators for the best advice!

1. Consensual divorce in the absence of spouse:

The court will still handle the cases of consent to divorce but the spouse is absent  when there is a reason for force majeure. 

However, absentees need to submit a number of documents and carry out relevant necessary procedures to confirm and clarify the reason for their absence. At the same time, provide information and case content for the Court to have a basis for settlement.


2. Lawyer services in the case of consent to divorce in the absence of the spouse:

When a lawyer is involved in the case, you will be promoted quickly to resolve the divorce case and have peace of mind about the necessary proceedings.

Specifically, after receiving all the information and documents provided by the client, our lawyers will conduct the following tasks:

  • Research all information and records provided by the client.

  • Consult with clients about the content of the file and the request to be resolved.

  • Compose and prepare documents, they are necessary and correspond to the lawsuit request of the clients.

  • Appointing Lawyers to work with the Court and in working sessions to protect the rights and interests of clients. 

  • Publicize the processing of records, and regularly update client information so that the parties can monitor the work together.

​So, for further detailed information, please contact us Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators or Hotline: (+84) 903 419 479