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The necessary of lawyers in divorce

Divorce Lawyers 05/06/2023

The lawyer will guide the client through the entire divorce procedure and prepare a divorce petition in accordance with the law, guide clients to prepare documents. In this article, Apolo Lawyers (Tel:(+84)903.419.479) will list the need of lawyers.

Divorce lawyers play an important role in a dispute about marriage and family. The lawyer will guide the client through the entire divorce procedure and prepare a divorce petition in accordance with the law, guide clients to prepare documents, advise clients on joint property division, joint debt division, child custody ... In this article, Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators (Tel:(+84)903.419.479) will list the importance of divorce lawyers.

1/ It is convenient to have a divorce lawyer in conciliation, negotiation, and exchange with the other party

If the situation is serious, life together cannot last, the purpose of marriage is not achieved, it is difficult to communicate directly with the other party. At this time, the divorce lawyer can be a bridge for the parties to exchange information with each other, and the lawyer also plays the role of a negotiator.

If there is really no reconciliation, the marriage has no chance to heal, the presence of a lawyer in the resolution of disputes will ensure the interests of the client in this dispute. So, it can not not mention the importance of divorce lawyers. 

2/ Divorce lawyers will help speed up the process of settling the case 

Having a divorce lawyer, the preparation of a divorce application and the preparation of a divorce file is very thorough, the form is in accordance with the provisions of the law. 

Writing a divorce petition must be based on a standard form issued by the Judicial Council of the Supreme Court, uniform for use throughout the territory of Vietnam, so the client wants the Court to process it quickly and accept it. Right after submitting the application, the most necessary condition is that the applicant must prepare the application correctly and neatly according to the prescribed form.

In addition to preparing a divorce petition, the preparation of documents to be submitted together with the divorce application also plays an important role, if the divorce applicant submits insufficient documents and attached documents, the Court will refuse to file for divorce. refuse to accept immediately, request to supplement dossiers and documents sufficiently. This will make the process of resolving a divorce prolonged, affecting the time and effort of the client. Thus, from the very beginning, if you ask a divorce lawyer, you are very assured that the application and file will be guaranteed according to the provisions of the law, without having to run back and forth to amend and supplement the file.

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The necessary of lawyers in divorce

3/ The client will be much more convenient during the process of collecting documents and evidence in the divorce case when there is a lawyer.

This is a very important step in a case in general and a divorce case in particular. Divorce lawyers will be entitled to collect evidence in accordance with the law. Because, if in the case that the client has weaker evidence than the other party, the ability to argue at the Court will face many disadvantages.

In fact, the client will not be able enough to prove to the Court that he is more right than the other party. So, they have to get more share than the opponent.

Therefore, at this time, a divorce lawyer plays a very important role to advise you on how to collect evidence, how to provide evidence to the Court, how to provide it, and when to have an advantage.

4/ Due to deep knowledge of the law, divorce lawyers can apply existing legal provisions to speed up the process of settling cases at Court.

There are many cases that the petitioner or the defendant does not understand the provisions of the law, so when the Court requests one of the parties to supplement evidence, or request additional participants in the proceedings, they do not know how to find that evidence or do not know how to explain to the Court, leading to failure to supplement at the request of the Court, taking the time to resolve the case longer and longer.

In a divorce case, the lawyer will be the person who knows the provisions of the law and knows the time limit of each stage of the proceedings, from which he will advise his client to prepare the case file, prepare the evidence. At the same time, he also gave opinions and requests for the Court to quickly resolve the case.

5/ Lawyers participating in court proceedings will make the client feel more secure 

At the same time, the rights of the clients when dividing common property during the marriage period are also guaranteed. WWhen working at the Court under a summons and having a divorce lawyer participate, the client will feel much more secure, calm and confident.

Moreover, in a divorce case, most spouses have property, so there will usually be a dispute over common property created by husband and wife during the marriage, if you have a lawyer to protect you. Your interests will be much more secure than that of the opponent.

6/ Lawyers are very important during the process of the client winning custody of the child if the other party also has the same conditions as him

Mentally, in terms of accommodation, in terms of education... for their children to be equal to you or possibly higher than you, the client must do how to prove and convince the Court to accept his request. ? 

With their skills and experience, a divorce lawyer will help you with that, will advise you on what to do, what actions or inactions to take so that you can prove it to the Court that the client raising the child is correct, correct, and ensures the interests of the child.

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The necessary of lawyers in divorce

7/ How to choose the right divorce lawyers

From that, clearly seeing the importance of a divorce lawyer, a lawyer always plays the role of a legal expert in disputes at Court. Accordingly, the client also chooses a lawyer accordingly. So how to choose a divorce lawyer that is right for your dispute?

  • Must choose a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the field of marriage & family.

  • Must choose a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the property that the couple is in dispute. For example, if a husband and wife dispute joint assets such as shares or stocks, but choosing a lawyer who is not knowledgeable in this field, the ability to protect you will not be guaranteed. Or if the property is a house or land, but the lawyer does not have knowledge in this field, it is difficult to protect the client well.

  • Must choose a lawyer and a law firm that has experience in successfully handling similar cases.

  • Must choose a lawyer and a reputable law firm or law firm.

  • Must choose a lawyer and law office A lawyer or a law firm that respects clients.

8/ Contact information for a lawyer in a divorce case

The above is the entire content that Apolo Lawyers outlines about the importance of a lawyer in a divorce case to clients read, consult and choose a lawyer accordingly. In case you need our support and legal advice on issues related to divorce, property division, child custody, you can contact us via Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators or Hotline: (Tel:(+84)903.419.479)