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Why Do You Need A Lawyer When Getting A Divorce?

Divorce Lawyers 26/08/2022

Once the husband and wife have made the marriage serious, life together cannot last, the purpose of the marriage is not achieved, the marriage is not happy and you no longer have the patience to maintain it. Each passing day can be very stressful and uncomfortable for you. If you want to terminate your marriage, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer that can help you solve this issue. In the article below, Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators will point out why you need a lawyer when getting a divorce?

However, if the marriage registration procedure takes place very simply at the People Committee of the commune or ward, the divorce is much more complicated. According to the regulations, if you want a divorce, whether you agree to a consensual divorce or a unilateral divorce, you also need to bring the case to the Court, and only the Court after the proceedings prescribed by law has jurisdiction to terminate your marriage. 

To ensure your rights, when you get a divorce, you need to have a divorce petition concisely but surely satisfied with provisions of law. You need to be supported by a divorce lawyer for this service from the very beginning. Unilateral divorce petition drafting service in accordance with the law is ready to meet all your requirements. 

1. Ask a divorce lawyer to help you better understand the common property. 

Unless you have studied Law and practice related to law, it will be difficult for you to grasp and understand all the provisions of the laws related to divorce, proceedings, common property division, how to enforce Court judgments… If you do not fully understand these regulations, you may have to bear the disadvantage in divorce, only a portion of the property is not commensurate with your contribution, and you may not have the opportunity to change that injustice when the judgment of the Court has taken effect. 

On the other hand, the lawyers will understand all the relevant regulations, and give advice so that you can protect your rights in the common property of the spouse. Moreover, the lawyer can represent you directly in Court proceedings to win legal rights for you, as well as represent you to work with the enforcement agency to enforce the judgment of the Court. So, that is one of reasons that you need to have a lawyer when you get a divorce. 


2. Get a divorce lawyer to help you get custody of your children or request for supporting children. 

The custody of the child is the toughest issue in any divorce disputes. In particular, both parties want to win the custody of the child and claim the other party for support until the child is enough 18. However, to win the custody of the child, you need to prove that you fit all conditions to take care of your child best both metally and physically. In addition, laws also have regulations relating to children under 36 months old or children from 7 years old.  

When there is a lawyer to support you in your divorce, the lawyer will advise you on your child custody requirements and prepare the most complete evidence to win custody of the children. In addition, hiring a divorce attorney can also help you make the most reasonable amount of support for your child. Even in case you are divorced, there is a court judgment on child custody, a lawyer can still help you ask the Court to change the person directly raising your child if there are grounds as prescribed by law. 

3. Lawyers help you prepare the most complete and accurate documents. 

The records and papers for divorce are quite numerous and complicated. If you are a busy person with work, or with childcare and do not have much time to prepare the right documents and records can be a burden for you. 

With his knowledge and experience, the divorce lawyer will assist you with a lot of documents related to your divorce including: assisting you in drafting the divorce petition, collecting documents, prepare divorce documents, contact Courts, enforcement agencies and receive decisions to serve documents… 


4. Get a divorce lawyer who will represent you in carrying out the legal proceedings. 

The procedures for duplicating documents on marriage, property, birth of children …. or Court proceedings or judgment enforcement procedures can be time consuming. In addition, if you do not know the procedures well, you can do it wrong and it will take time to start over. 

Instead, you can easily authorize your attorney to carry out these procedures on your behalf. With his practice experience, your lawyer will perform correctly and shorten the time to complete these procedures and thus shorten your divorce time. 

5. Lawyers can help you to work with the other parties. 

If it is a unilateral divorce, then it is very likely that you have suffered a long period of conflict with your spouse, or even have had quarrels, domestic violence. In those cases, it will be very difficult and painful when you have to meet and discuss with your spouse to solve the problems of property, children, common debt… 

Instead, you may completely authorize your attorney to work with your spouse. Your lawyer is a professional practice, so it will be easy for them to talk and come to an agreement with your spouse. In the event of a dispute, your attorney may also represent you in arguments with your spouse. This way, you will avoid a lot of unpleasant emotions if you have to continue to meet and discuss with them. 

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So if you are struggling with your marriage, you need a solution for your problem, do not hesitate to contact us via Apolo Lawyers - Solicitiors & Litigators or Hotline: (+84) 903 419 479 for the best legal advice.