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How to get a quick unilateral divorce in Vietnam?

Unilateral Divorce 25/08/2022

Starting a marriage, no one wants that the end of the marriage is divorce. However, if parties in marriage can not find a common voice, and concurrently can not share everything in life, divorce is only a matter of time. If the husband and wife agree to request the Court to settle the divorce, this is simple and quick. On the contrary, if only one of the spouses unilaterally divorces, how to get the quick unilateral divorce in Vietnam, save time, and help you quickly return to a new life? The following article by Apolo Lawyers (Hotline: (+84) 903.419.479) will advise some opinions related to this issue.

1. The conditions for quick unilateral divorce in Vietnam

When you get a unilateral divorce, it does not automatically mean that any of the reasons you will be considered to accept the divorce, but the Court must consider the reasons on the basis of the provisions of Vietnamese Law. According to Article 56 of Law on Marriage and Family 2014, there are some cases in that the Court shall permit the divorce as follows:

  • A spouse commits domestic violence;

  •  Seriously infringes upon the rights and obligations of the husband or wife, which seriously deteriorates the marriage and makes their common life no longer impossible and the marriage purpose unachievable.


Therefore, in the case of unilateral divorce, in order to be settled by the Court quickly, you need to prove to the Court one of the grounds for divorce as mentioned above.

2. The dossier for unilateral divorce in Vietnam

For a quick unilateral divorce, you need to prepare a complete dossier in accordance with the law. Inadequate preparation of documents may lead to the divorce petition not being accepted, and forced to amend and supplement, causing time–consuming in the settlement process. After preparing the complete dossier for unilateral divorce, you need to file the dossier at the People’s court at the district level where a spouse resides or works.

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3. Apolo Lawyers – Solicitors & Litigators provides consulting services on unilateral divorce

As a law firm with many years of experience in consulting and supporting clients in divorce, Apolo Lawyers can support Clients not limited but include these tasks:

  • Consulting Client for preparing a dossier for unilateral divorce;
  • Consulting in filing the documents, and evidence to the Court to prove the divorce requested;
  • Consulting about the property divisions and procedures for property divisions;
  • Consulting the divorce proceedings in Court.

There is an overview of how to get a quick unilateral divorce in Vietnam. If you have any questions about this issue, feel free to contract Apolo Lawyers – Solicitors & Litigators via Hotline: (+84) 903 419 479 or email to be supported in the most optimal way.