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Unilateral divorce in absence of a spouse in Vietnam

Unilateral Divorce 27/08/2022

You consider that if you get a unilateral divorce in absence of a spouse from the Court, will your divorce request be accepted? The answer is yes. For more detail, please contact the Divorce service Department of Apolo Lawyers via Hotline: ((+84) 903.419.479) to be consulted quickly and efficiently.

1. Unilateral divorce in absence of a spouse in Vietnam

In case spouses do not reach a consensual divorce, leading to unilateral divorce and only one party filing a divorce request at the Court. However, it is very likely that the spouses disagree with the divorce and seek to hinder the settlement of Court by:

  • Failing to participate in the mediation and court hearings to resolve the divorce;
  • Leaving the place of residence;
  • Missing can not be contacted;
  • Due to illness and can not participate in the divorce settlement


In this case, the Court will still handle the divorce case in the form of a trial in absentia despite of the absence of a spouse.

2. Legal service on unilateral divorce in absence of a spouse in Vietnam

When having the participation of Lawyers in unilateral divorce in absence of a spouse, your legitimate rights and interests will be protected in an optimal way. In some cases which have disputes about custody of children or common property, the participation of Lawyers will promote the process of the settlement.

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Specifically, when obtaining enough information, and documents that clients provide us, our Lawyers will implement the following tasks:

  • Research all information and records provided by customers
  • Consult, discuss with customers the content of the file and request to be resolved
  • Discuss legal issues in the file such as personal relationships, property ownership, custody rights, and child support obligations, etc. From there, the lawyer will listen to the wishes of client and receive appropriate advice.
  • Consulting solutions, analyzing advantages and disadvantages for customers to understand the case, and the relationship of the parties in the divorce.
  • Compose, a   prepare documents, they are necessary and correspond to the claim of the customer.
  • Appoint lawyers to participate in working sessions to protect the rights and interests of clients. Limit risks and violations that affect the interests and assets of customers like when customers work by themselves.
  • Representing customers to ask related parties to seriously perform their obligations to customers.
  • Publicize the processing of records, and regularly update information with customers so that the parties can monitor the work together


We are proud to introduce a prestigious Law Firm in Ho Chi Minh City - Apolo Lawyers Law Firm. With a team of experienced lawyers and legal experts with highly specialized knowledge in the field of marriage and family, with a deep understanding of Vietnamese law, we commit that our clients will be solved divorce problems with the fastest progress and achieve your wishes in accordance with the law. Please contact us using the information below to be consulted and supported by Apolo Lawyers Law Firm.